Thursday, 14 October 2021

St Martin's Food Festival 2021

On a sunny Sunday in late September, St Martin's put on a show of the best food and drink the island has to offer, in the second St Martin's Food and Drink Festival.

The Food Festival on Pool Green

Set on Pool Green, hundreds of people enjoyed eating, drinking, listening to music and soaking up the atmosphere. It was a great success with lots of positive feedback. But above all the event celebrated the great food and drinks we produce on this small island, just two miles long with about 150 residents. 

Polreath curry featuring local vegetables
Mitch cooking up local pollack and serving up crab

Apple pressing popular with all the local children!

Local musicians playing some great music - thanks to Hayley Boland and Arthur Godden

St Martin's vineyard selling wine and apple juice

SC Dogs rum and SC Salt

So many cakes from local bakers, as well as the cake and preserves competition

Fruit and veg from Scilly Organics
St Martin's School soup from local carrots and bakery bread rolls

Little Arthur cafe's pizzas and quiches

The bar, selling Ales of Scilly beer, SC Dogs rum and Westward Farm Gin
The Vineyard apple pressing session was really popular!

All photo credits to Bruce Frank. St Martin's Stores also were selling Troytown Farm ice creams from St Agnes.

We raised lots of money, about £2,500 - all the profits from the bar, cakes and curries, plus stall fees all went to charity. This is how it looked in the end:

The Island Hall and Cricket Club depend on events like this to keep going and cover their essential costs. But also supporting people to grow their own food in places like Malawi so that people can eat and grow crops sustainably feels like a great link between food in different countries. Super Seeds feeding families by Practical Action is a great project making a practical difference to people

Last but not least,many thanks to many people who helped make it happen: Mandy & Holly, Jackie and her team on teas and cakes, Neil and his team on the bar, Mark for running around, Terry for technical stuff, all the stall holders, Arthur and Hayley for music, Jason and his team for curry (all money going straight in the pot), all the cake bakers, and lots of other people I've probably forgotten (sorry). 

We hope to be back in 2022!

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