Friday, 2 December 2011

Protecting yourself from the Banking Crisis - urgent advice

Mike Haywood is an independent financial analyst who carefully studies the financial and economic systems, with a view to informing people about the impending state of financial collapse globally, and how best to respond. He regularly talks to Transition groups, companies and organisations. This week he's issues this email in response to, what he believes to be, an impending Eurozone collapse. It will affect all of us!!

Yesterday the Bank of England Governor, Mervyn King, announced that they were making contingency plans in the event of a break up of the Eurozone. When asked what those plans were, he declined to comment, implying that discussion of the plans would precipitate a banking crisis. Because of the interconnectivity of the Global Banking system, UK banks would be severely affected by a Eurozone collapse. The situation is extremely precarious and could change at any moment. Just remember how fast the collapse of Northern Rock happened. Do not expect any leadership from our politicians prior to the collapse. The Government has also made contingency plans as well but are keeping quiet about them.


It would be prudent for all UK citizens to make their own personal contingency plans sooner rather than later and I would recommend the following


1) A banking collapse would mean the suspension of full banking activity for days with no or limited withdrawals from cash machines. Credit/debit cards won’t work.  You should keep at least enough cash at home to cover your family’s expenses for a week.


2) People will start to hoard essential items once the collapse starts. To pre-empt this, you should keep at least enough food and essentials at home to cover you and your family for a week.


3) Keep your car fuel tank topped up to full so that you will have transport.


Kind regards


Mike Haywood

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