Thursday, 3 February 2011

Progress made at the orchard

Last Sunday a group of people came up to the Community Orchard at Trenoweth to help manage the orchard. We got some hedges cut, cleared brambles, weeded around the trees and pruned every tree. A good fire was a welcome source of heat and social focus on a quite cold day.

Most people hadn't got much experience of pruning, but under the guidance of two "pruning gurus" (not a self-proclaimed title!) everyone learned how to do some formative pruning - a good example of Transition facilitating some skills learning. Pruning is made out to be a quite complicated process when in fact it's not really.

When fruit trees are young they need minimal but important pruning. The shape and direction that trees grow when they're at this stage affects their structure when mature. So formative pruning is really important to try and get right as it aims to create the structure of a good strong and healthy tree.

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