Monday, 8 February 2010

Community orchard taking shape

On Sunday 31st January several Transition Scilly members got together on a lovely sunny day at Trenoweth to help prepare the field for the new Community Orchard.

The land had previously been part of Trenoweth Horticultural Research Station and had been used for Narcissi flower trials. But as it was ancillary to the main parcel of land it hadn't been fully managed for a number of years so is in need of some improvement.

Hedges to the west and north of the plot needed some serious cutting, so we got in and started hacking back the Oleria and gorse in a dramatic way. Looks a bit serious to start with, but it'll improve the field no end in the long run.

Another work party is planned for Sunday 14th Feb from 10-4 where we should finish hedge cutting and have the field ready for planting a couple of weeks after that. Then it really will be an orchard!

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