Sunday, 14 September 2008

Slow Sunday

Resurgence is an organisation "at the heart of earth, art and spirit", and produces a superb magazine six times a year. It's very forward thinking and its philosophy is based around the trinity of Soil, Soul and Society. I cannot recommend the magazine highly enough.

As an extension of Slow Food, the Resurgence Trust is promoting Slow Sunday, when people are invited to take part in simple actions that symbolise a rejection of commercialism, a passion for the planet and a desire for change.

On Sunday 28th September the focus is on baking bread. What a wonderful process that is, taking time to use quality ingredients, proving and baking the bread, followed by a wonderful meal to enjoy eating the bread. This is the essence of Slow Food - not upper class or elitist, at heart it's very simply about good food.

Food should be grown sustainably, transported as little as possible, cooked with care and eaten with great enjoyment. The benefits of this approach to life is huge and embraces the best things of life. You really don't have to spend much money to enjoy life.

Go ahead and bake bread - but not just on one day, make it a part of your everyday life.

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