Monday, 3 September 2018

Apple day 2018

On Sunday 9th September we once again hold our annual Apple Day at
Trenoweth Community Orchard on St Mary's. Come and join us if you can to
see the orchard at one of the best times of the year - now with some
lovely new benches!

Monday, 5 March 2018

Getting involved in the Orchard

We are very keen for more people to get involved in the Community Orchard at Trenoweth. This is a description of what it is and how it works.

If you would like to get involved or find out more, please email Jonathan Smith or find Transition Scilly on Facebook and leave a message.

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Projects for 2018

 Following input from the community at last week's meeting, Transition Scilly will concentrate on these projects in 2018:

Community Orchard

  • Improving the management of the Orchard

  • Increasing the number of people visiting

  • Improve amenities for the Orchard

  • Increase the reach of the orchard to include fruit trees in gardens that people need help pruning/planting/harvesting

  • Celebrate key points in the orchard year

  • Provide easily accessible advice on orchard management


  • Support measures to reduce plastic waste

  • Look at opportunities to turn waste in to resources, especially waste wood


  • Raise awareness of water issues on Scilly

  • Look at the feasibility of water fountains in public places


  • Encourage the creation of a car club for locals on St Mary's using electric vehicles run on low carbon electricity

Outreach and engagement

  • Increase the number of articles in local magazines/papers and on websites

  • Improve communication, including a redesigned and updated website

  • Engage with and provide representation to key documents, such as the Local Plan

  • Celebrate the achievements of all community groups and voluntary work

If you would like to get involved in some of these projects please get in touch on Facebook, send us an email or just look out for more news about upcoming projects and events.

Our thanks to those people that turned out last week and to the Scillonian Club for hosting us.

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

An orchard year

Here are lots of great photos of 2017 in the community orchard at
Trenoweth on St Mary's. It's been a very productive year and the whole
site has looked great. Here's to a great 2018!

Planning for 2018

We have got to the time of the year when it's time to take stock, celebrate what we've done and look forward to the next year. We've organised a get together at the Scillonian Club on Tuesday 12th December at 8pm.

We hope to see new and familiar faces, discuss what we've done and welcome new ideas and enthusiasm! If you can't make the meeting but would like to get involved, have questions or suggestion please email

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Blossom Picnic at the Community Orchard

On Sunday 15th May we're holding a picnic at the Community Orchard at
Trenoweth to celebrate the apple blossom and the start of a new growing
season. Everyone is welcome to come and enjoy the orchard, sample some
of last year's apple juice and find out more about this wonderful orchard.

It runs between 12 and 2pm and is free of charge - just bring yourselves
and a picnic.

To get to the Orchard, go past the Wildlife Trust offices at Trenoweth,
towards Innisidgen. Go under the pines, then turn right on the track
that goes downhill. There's a field of vines on your left, then the next
one is the Orchard. Please try and walk or cycle up if possible.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Autumn news from Transition Scilly

Apologies for our lack of blogs recently. Summer is a busy time for
everyone on Scilly, where we have our heads down just concentrating on

Anyway, this is just a note to say that we're intending to hold a series
of work parties up at the Community Orchard at Trenoweth. There are also
some other ideas for events and activities in the pipeline this

The best place to check for updates is our Facebook page, where we post relevant
information and interesting links to other sites.

Friday, 25 April 2014

Orchard picnic

On May 11th we'll be holding our annual Orchard Picnic at Trenoweth
community orchard. All the details on the poster here.

Fingers crossed for a nice sunny day...

Friday, 2 August 2013

The crucial link between energy and the economy

Money is simply a convenient means of exchange, but the system which determines how money is exchanged and valued is economics. Right? Well...partially. A new report 'Perfect Storm - energy, finance and the end of growth' argues very strongly that the rise of any economy has been directly proportional to the energy available to that society.

In fossil fuels we are essentially plundering a resource built up over 100 million years. A litre of oil has the energy equivalent to about 5 weeks human labour. As a society we're not replenishing the resource, so it's like we're children having a party with the inheritance of a dead rich relative. A phrase in the report illustrates this point well:
"The exercise of putting one gallon of fuel into a car, driving it until the fuel runs out and paying someone to push it back to the start-point also illustrates the huge difference between the price of energy and its value in terms of work would cost $6,420 [of human labour]
to get the car back to the start-point. On this rough approximation, then, a gallon of fuel costing $3.50 generates work equivalent to between $5,460
and $7,380 of human labour."

Capitalist economies need to grow to survive, as recent years have starkly illustrated. Given the direct correlation between the economy and energy, it seems we need an infinite supply of energy in order for the economy to grow infinitely. Clearly this is not viable - non-renewable fuels are so called for a reason. New types of energy such as tar sands and gas fracking are being found (and exploited) to back up falling supplies from conventional energy sources like oil wells.

But quite apart from the poor to terrible environmental impacts these sources cause, there is an underlying principle that may render their extraction uneconomic very quickly. It is called EROEI - Energy Returned On Energy Invested. Think of a brand new oil well in Saudi Arabia 50 years ago. All you had to do was drill down, tap the well and the oil would gush out; here EROEI could be 100:1. Compare that to extensive refinement of tar sands - you need to put in huge amounts of energy to extract a small amount of oil; here EROEI could be as low as 3:1.

The report makes this startling conclusion:
"If EROEI falls sharply [to around 10:1] much more of the gross energy is consumed in the extraction process, resulting in a corresponding squeeze
on the energy available to the economy. The essentials may still be affordable, but the leverage in the equation is such that energy available
for discretionary uses diminishes very rapidly indeed. There, through the EROEI squeeze, goes the car, the holiday, the bigger home, the MP3,
the meal out, toys for the children, the afternoon at the golf club or the soccer match. If EROEI falls materially, our consumerist way of life is over."

It makes a strong case that the world economy is the brink of an unfolding collapse, which would change our way of life very significantly, very quickly. The timescale...about 10 years. The Transition to a new way of living would seem a little more urgent then...

You can download the full report here:

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Developments in the orchard

The Trenoweth Community Orchard is developing further in 2013, with a
new sign, some benches and full public access coming. There will be an
opening event on 11th May, more details coming soon. The intention is to
celebrate what we've established, encourage people to enjoy the space
and help manage it. There is also a rather special new memorial stone in
place too.

More to come soon...